Microsoft Excel 2019 Versi 16.0.6742.2048 Free Download

Microsoft Excel 2019 16.0.6742.2048

Microsoft Excel is the most well-known spreadsheet program, with no real competitors. The cell-by-cell layout that becomes an icon leads the way for recording and displaying data in a way that is very accessible and familiar. Its amazing graphical functions are easy to use, and its quick equation calculation saves hours.

Excel has been the basis of building database and statistical analysis for millions of businesses around the world for decades. Even children have been taught to use it in schools. Although a more recent release of the program was adopted, increased functionality set Excel at the pinnacle of innovation, and is constantly relevant, ensuring its position at the top of statistical software around the world.

Famous tool for worksheets and data analysis from Microsoft

Microsoft Excel is a Microsoft-flagged worksheet computer application. Until now this application was the most popular worksheet program in the world, and almost all worksheets today were made in the XLS file format from Microsoft Excel. This is a more popular program for businesses, students, professionals and almost anyone who needs to collect and analyze data.

Besides being used everywhere by almost everyone, Microsoft Excel is easy to use and contains a lot of very useful features. is simple to use and contains numerous helpful features. The hitched columns and rows with very well-known numbers make it very easy to insert and find any place of data at any time. With Microsoft Excel users can work on operations and mathematical equations, create complex formulas, or easily create charts, graphs and histograms by selecting data points that are inserted in a worksheet. It is also very easy to manipulate data by making adjustments and changes. Microsoft Excel also provides users with the means of exporting and migrating worksheets they have created, which allows XLS worksheets to be used outside the Excel program itself, for example, in online forms and on websites. Another useful feature of Microsoft Excel is that it allows users to access external data sources, such as financial markets. This application can be used for programming, with Visual Basic for Applications. This makes Microsoft Excel ideal for statistics, finance, engineering, and physics and, in short, all activities that rely heavily on the analysis and processing of mathematical data.

Microsoft Excel is updated frequently and already has a lot of different and improved versions. This program is mainly used on Microsoft Windows operating systems, however there are also versions for Mac OS X and iOS.

Product Details
  • Rating: 5 (Users63707)
  • Ranking in Business Software: 5
  • Last rated: 10/13/2019
  • License: Free to try
  • File Size: 725.80 MB
  • Version: 2019 16.0.6742.2048
  • Last update: 6/27/2019
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • Languages: Indonesian, Spanish, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, More ...
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Number of downloads (Indonesia): 178,488
  • Number of downloads (Worldwide): 9,750,511

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